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      Auricular Therapy St. Petersburg FL

      What is Auricular Therapy?

      Auricular Therapy St. Petersburg FL

      There is a two-way communication between the skin and all organs, glands, and tissue of the body. By stimulating certain skin points, or acupuncture points, the healing process of a condition can be assisting in bringing the patient back to health with normal function.

      Auricular therapy is a healthcare modality in which the external surface of the ear, or auricle, is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body. A channel of energy flow circles the body like meridians circle the globe. The goal of auricular therapy is to balance that energy flow, which runs the body and heals the body.

      Auricular Therapy with Ear Seeds

      Auricular therapy with ear seeds is similar to acupuncture but concentrates on the ear where Dr. Wang uses a small electrical stimulator, not needles, to locate deficiencies in the body. Then Instead of using fine needles such as the ones in traditional acupuncture.

      Ear seeds are small, stick-on seeds that are applied to these acupuncture points of the ear. Ear seeds can help reduce headaches, back pain, and addiction symptoms or be a complementary therapy to your weight loss plan.

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