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      Red Light Therapy St. Petersburg FL

      What is Red Light Therapy?

      Red Light Therapy St. Petersburg FL

      Red Light Therapy, also referred to as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation – is the act of utilizing red light (and/or near-infrared light) for beneficial properties within the body.

      Practical examples of this therapy may include the use of a laser that emits light in the red light spectrum onto an injured body part or a red-light LED shown on the body. Red Light Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for acne, muscle, and joint pain, compromised blood circulation, and reversing hair loss and fat loss.

      Red Light Therapy Benefits

      When one explores the 50,000 plus scientific and clinical studies conducted on Red Light Therapy to date, one will find that no matter what type of health complication an individual has, they can most likely benefit tremendously from Red Light and Near-Infrared Light Therapy.

      The research into the power of red light to improve health and treat disease continues to gain momentum. What is being discovered through this research is that red and near-infrared light therapy can benefit virtually every system of the body.

      This light can improve the way one looks – it can help shed inches of fat, reduce the signs of aging, regrow hair, increase the results from workouts, reduce pain, speed healing, boost hormonal health, and lower inflammation.

      Expanding on the specific benefits of red and near-infrared light that have been shown in studies, below are the major benefits that have been proven by scientific research for Near-Infrared and Red-Light Therapy.

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